Kym Gold, Co-founder, True Religion Brand Jeans

Co-founder, True Religion Brand Jeans; Co-founder, Babakul

Kym Gold, is a California native who has been inspired by the endless beauty she has grown up around. Best known as the co-founder of True Religion Brand Jeans, Kym launched Babakul in 2008, a company that sells Bohemian chic clothing, concentrating on timeless core wardrobe silhouettes. You can find them in Newport Beach, Malibu and Santa Monica and they are currently working their fourth location.

Clearly a favorite of celebrities, Kim’s designs have been worn by Heidi Klum, Tom Ford, Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna just to name a few. While being a busy business woman, Kym makes time to be an avid philanthropist supporting causes concentrating on women’s health issues.

Who has had the most impact in your life?
Being an identical triplet, I would have to say my Sisters.

What is the hardest lesson you’ve had to learn?
To be patient. Its an on going process

What inspires you?
What inspires me is: Getting up every morning knowing I get to do what I love to do. It’s motivating. Also, the Ocean…the way it changes on a daily basis. The colors in the sky, especially at dawn and sunset…The beauty and simplicity of flowers. Nature around me gives me so much design inspiration. My Kids.

What cause or nonprofit(s) do you support?
Breast cancer research. Its very close to home. Anything that inspires women to be better I am an advocate for, especially young women and children.

What is your favorite city?
There are so many, but London, Paris and Japan are my top three.. There is a lot of cross cultures, amazing history and stunning architecture, Each city has a specific thing that inspires me. Japan with its delicate cherry blossoms, Paris with the romance, History and beauty in every building. London has the music and fashion icons that has changed the world in many ways.

What creative person, e.g. writer, architect, fashion designer, do you most admire?
Gloria Steinem. Really, any women who is a pioneer or leader is an inspiration to me, the women’s movement was a huge step for women in general, but we still have a long road ahead to be equal to men in the world of business. Also Coco Chanel. She stayed true to her convictions and her legacy has lived on with class through many years. These two women never settled for anything less.

What advice would you give to other women starting out?
Find what your passion is and run with it is. Stay true to it.! Never look for a No, always look for a Yes, no matter what.